Our Services

Our services include:

  • Occupational Physiotherapy Clinics

SPS Clinics Physiotherapy Occupational Physiotherapists are experienced Clinical Specialists in managing musculo-skeletal disorders caused or aggravated by the work place. Our on-site or off site services enables easy access to treatment which will create a speedy recovery. Appropriate and fast access treatment is vital in preventing worsening or the recurrence of a condition and speed up the employees return to work, and as such reducing employer costs

  • Clinical Pilates one on one or group classes

It is now well established that good posture, muscle strength and flexibility alongside general fitness can be the key to avoiding a significant number of musculo-skeletal disorders in the office and other work places. Pilates, is a total conditioning programme that works on the body from the inside out by focussing on the core muscles in the abdomen, back and pelvic girdle. Pilates works by strengthening, lengthening and toning the muscles as well as improving posture and balance. One to one and group classes are offered in conjunction with SPS’s experienced Clinical Pilates consultant.

  • Education : Health Promotion Talks
SPS Clinics recognise that prevention is better than cure.  Pro Active Education is key to injury prevention.  We assist our clients in raising awareness and promoting health of their work force by providing experienced Chartered Physiotherapists to present talks on a range of topics including:
    1. Posture.  Designed to promote the elusive “good posture”.  This talk is aimed at preventing work related musculo-skeletal disorders by being aware of our posture, working environments and simple promotion effective stretching and strengthening exercises.


    1. Stress Control. Stress related illness is a major contributor to sick leave in the workplace.  This is a talk designed to improve our awareness and approach to managing stress in our ever hectic work and lifestyle habits including, exercise, sleeping patterns and time management.


    1. Back School – Preventing and Managing Back Pain. This talk includes the latest information and advice based on research into back pain and its management.


    1. Work Related Upper Limb Disorders (WRULD’s). Discussion of types of conditions and their cumulative nature that cause WRULD’s  and how we may prevent and manage them in the office and work place.

GP & Consultant Services

SPS have a long standing relationship with GP’s across the region having been a member of the Triangle waiting list initiative and providing physiotherapy to fund hold holding practices.  SPS currently provide services for a NW Trust.

We also have a close working relationship with Clinical Specialist Consultants including, orthopaedic, neuro-surgical and rheumatologists which allows direct, fast access to specialist consultations and diagnosis.