Biomechanical Analysis

Experience shows that the athlete with the least interruptions in their training programmes leading up to a game, race or competition will have the give their best and consistent performance on the day.

Take a proactive approach to your training by identifying and addressing problems, before they become injuries.

An assessment and sport specific exercise program from SPS Clinics will improve your chances of staying in shape and help prevent future injuries or problems.

The practice of Clinical Biomechanics helps us to identify, diagnose and explain the causes of musculo-skeletal disorders and provides us with assistance in the evaluation and selection of treatment methods. At SPS we have strong links with NW University Sports Science departments.

Through clinical biomechanical assessment and analysis we are able to strengthen the link between clinic and laboratory.

Ultimately this means that we can better address problems and injuries that have proved unresponsive to previous treatment or perhaps even stop them occurring in the first place.


  • Accurate clinical diagnosis
  • Orthotic insole assessment and production
  • Referral to Consultants
  • Access to gait analysis / Isokinetics